Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Kidneys, They Do the Darndest Things

This is my best friend Rilee (or a picture of Channing Tatum with this shirt off because I know my audience - pervs).

Her kidneys super suck.

She has medical bills and won't let me support her because she has a lot in common with this llama:

But she WILL let me host a giveaway/raffle.

How it Works:

1. You can DONATE any amount of money.
Your email from the donation site will be added to the raffle for you. (10pts)

2. You can SHARE the cause! Entry in the rafflecopter below. (3pts)

3. For every $250 in donations, I will give away an autographed paperback.
See terms & conditions in rafflecopter below.

NOTES: I will post the each goal giveaway after a winner has been chosen for the previous giveaway.

Autographed Books From
CJ Roberts
Amber Lin
Tasha Ivey
Skye Warren
Nicole Reed
Alessandra Torre
Karina Halle

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