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DARK DUET: Platinum Edition Countdown - 24 October

Today is October 24th

While we're waiting...

And a throwback interview with

The Dark Duet is a very intense series, possibly the most intense many of us at TIB have read.....were you, yourself, ever emotional while writing this story? MB

CJ: I was very emotional at times. You have to understand, I write these stories all alone in a room. There are times I laugh out loud and others that I cry. I’m very much in the moment when things are unfolding. And yes, sometimes I’m even bored to death as I’m writing, but I think all of it adds something to the storytelling.

How did you come up with the concept of Captive in the Dark? ST

CJ: It started one lonely night in Germany. I was sitting in my hotel room with nothing to do and no one to call and my mind began to wander. I’m a very anxious, slightly paranoid individual, so kidnapping and rape were first to come to mind. When that passed, I got bored and horny. So what’s a nerd to do on a Friday night if not dig out her laptop and start writing? LOL!

What kind of research did you have to do for these books, with this being such a sensitive topic? DS

CJ: I’m a people watcher, so a lot of the psychology comes from my voyeurism. Additionally, I spent time overseas where I witnessed some strange things. Nothing as horrible as what is in the book, but sad nonetheless. I also researched a lot of geography, cultural customs, military and government procedures, organizational charts, customs procedures, weaponry, small engine planes…you name it – at some point I researched it.

Was there any controversy over this book? If so, how did you handle it? ST

CJ: Yes and no. Some people have accused me of romanticizing rape or human trafficking, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. This is a story about human nature. It’s a story about our definitions of good and evil and what they truly mean. It’s about the birth of evil and the struggle each of us has with our own dark side. It’s about redemption and our quest for forgiveness.

Is it sick? Yes.
Is it funny? Yes.
Is it dirty? Yes.
Does it make you think? I hope so!

The truth is, a significant number of women (between 40-60%) have rape fantasies. Additionally, 20% have them frequently. I chose to explore this through my world of FICTION, while also providing a thought-provoking subtext AND a storyline worthy of my readers attention. I did not approach this lightly and I think ultimately, my readers understood what I tried to do.

To those who didn’t understand it or found it disgusting: That’s okay. Read something else. This is not a story for everyone.

I want to know what her extracurricular activities are, LOL! But seriously, when you aren't writing, what do you do for fun? JH

CJ: I’m a karaoke fanatic! I’m not internationally known – but I’ve been known to rock a microphone! (LOL!). Aside from that, I’m usually reading m/m romance, riding my Harley, catching up on TV Series, or spending time with my family. I don’t have much time for anything else. Though, whenever possible – I LOVE to travel.

Livvie is such a strong character, which I think is part of what makes these books so intriguing. If she were a "wet blanket", the spell you cast over your readers may have broken. How important do YOU feel Livvie's strength in character is for the book and where did your inspiration for her come from? LS

CJ: Honestly, Caleb and Livvie are both pieces of me. One of my favorite lines from ‘Captive in the Dark’ is: “It had always seemed to me as though I were split into two people, but not equally.”

This line represents me the most and I had it tattooed on my arm. Livvie is strong – even when she doesn’t want to be and it’s a huge part of who I am.

There have been times in my life that I have wanted to lie down and give up, but DAMN IT, I can’t do it. I am incapable of surrender. It’s just not in me to give up and so I will always fight – even when I don’t want to.

After finishing CITD, what were your thoughts and feelings on continuing the story? CS

I knew I had a lot more story to tell. However, given the fact that CitD and SitD are two very different books, I knew splitting the story was the right thing to do. Some people were pissed and thought I was dragging things out – but I think the real fans understand that wasn’t the case.

CitD is about CAPTIVITY! SitD is about SEDUCTION. They are two very different things and the characters in each are very different indeed.

How did you feel about the ending to Seduced in the Dark? ST

The ending took me WEEKS to write. I struggled so much with how to end things and to be honest, I wasn’t sure how it was going to end until my fingers kept typing and I let them go where they wanted.

I cried when it was over. I mourned them. I mourned the end of this journey. Still, I was happy it was over too. I was happy they arrived at the place they wanted to be and I felt blessed I could take them there.

Seduced in the Dark was so eloquently wrapped up with a very hopeful ending of redemption and forgiveness. As a writer, how difficult is it to tie in a sequence of dark events and plot lines that you know must eventually lead to a (somewhat) happy ending? NG

I never wanted to subscribe to the forgone conclusion of a ‘happy ending’. To be honest, I originally ended the book very differently. What changed my mind was the yearning I could hear in my heart. This may sound strange, but sometimes I think my characters are REAL. They talk to me. And Caleb just wouldn’t let me sleep until I gave him what he wanted.

You are writing a spin off series based on at least one of the characters from the series, will we see any other familiar faces, specifically one with red hair? LS

Ah yes! Agent Reed and Sloan will certainly be making an appearance again. I really loved these characters when they burst into my consciousness. I think Matthew will be my guide into a more mainstream audience. He’s every bit as tortured as my Caleb, but unlike my anti-hero, Matthew has used his pain to fuel his hero complex. It’s going to make for a very interesting character indeed.

Additionally, I love Agent Janice Sloan. A lot of others didn’t care for her in SitD, but to be honest – the sick puppy in me LOVES changing their minds. LOL! When she’s good, she great, but when she’s bad – she’s better. ;)

Do you read books in the genre that you write? ST

I actually don’t. Additionally, I’m not sure I fit into a genre, but if I were to guess, I would assume most put me in BDSM erotica which I don’t read too much of. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it, it’s that so much of the genre doesn’t include a meaty enough plot and it’s so wrapped up in ‘Safe, Sane, Consensual’ that it reads more like a how-to instead of fiction.

I want to be taken to THE EDGE! If I wanted to play it safe, I’d read a romance (and sometimes I do).

Most typically I read paranormal (romance or otherwise), sci-fi, or thrillers. My favorites are M/M books of any genre. There’s just something about the way two men are written together as equals that appeals to me. You don’t find a lot of ‘equality’ in straight romances.

Are you working on anything at the moment? If so, will you share with us? ST

Reed and Sloan! I hope to have it out next year (if I ever get to start it! L)

What town were you raised in and did it have any correlation to your writing? CS

North Hollywood, California. Yes and no – I am a product of my experiences.

Where is your favorite place to write? Do you work on your books during the day or wake frantic in the night having to put your thoughts into words immediately? AM

Whenever inspiration strikes! I try to write during the day at my computer downstairs, or at the library when my house is hectic, but if I wake up in the middle of the night with one hell of an idea – I run (not walk) to my laptop to write it down. Never wait!

What made you decide to buy a new motorcycle? NG

Most of my friends in the area are bikers, my hubby included so it was a natural progression of my interests. I LOVE my new Harley. I can’t wait to ride it to Sturgis next year. J

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DARK DUET: Platinum Edition Countdown - 23 October

Today is October 23rd

While we're waiting...
Here's an interview I did for
Vilma's Book Blog
Literati Literature Lovers
Love Between the Sheets!

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Determined to Obey is Available for Pre-order! Release 11 Nov 2014

Hello Smutketeers!

As I blogged earlier this week, I have decided to publish my Dark Duet bonus novella Determined to Obey as a standalone.

I've been hauling tits to make it happen and I've been able to get it together before I leave for Love N' Vegas. So without further ado...

RELEASE: 11 Nov 2014
Ebook: $2.99
Paperback: $6.99 
LIVE!!! Pre-order your copy


Determined to Obey is being published independently at the request of thousands of fans who already own Captive in the Dark, Seduced in the Dark, and Epilogue: The Dark Duet--known together as the DARK DUET SERIES

Determined to Obey was written as part of the bonus material for DARK DUET: PLATINUM EDITION (Featuring Determined to Obey) and not meant to be read as a stand alone. However, it is possible to enjoy it as such if one prefers


The character “Kid” appears in both Captive in the Dark and Seduced in the Dark

This novella takes place in Mexico and follows Kid after he and his girlfriend, Nancy, are taken hostage by a group of men led by Caleb. Unbeknownst to Kid or Nancy, they are taken to the mansion of Felipe Villanueva, an eccentric crime boss with a taste for the taboo.

Wrongfully accused by Nancy of the attempted rape and subsequent assault of Caleb’s escaped captive, “Kitten”, Kid is tortured by his captors.

We join Kid in the dungeon, where he is about to meet Felipe and his companion Celia for the first time...


DARK DUET: Platinum Edition Countdown - 22 October

Today is October 22nd

While we're waiting, let's watch some trailers!!!

From Castov Cast

NSFW (click)

Pre-order: $6.99
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DARK DUET: Platinum Edition Countdown - 21 October

Today is October 21st

While we're waiting, here's a review of the Seduced in the Dark from one of my favorite bloggers ever! The incomparable "Jenny" from Totally Booked.

What is the price of redemption?

Rescued from sexual slavery by a mysterious Pakistani officer, Caleb carries the weight of a debt that must be paid in blood.

The road has been long and fraught with uncertainty, but for Caleb and Livvie, it’s all coming to an end.

Can he surrender the woman he loves for the sake of vengeance?

Or will he make the ultimate sacrifice?

Jenny's Review:
This was definitely one of the most gut-wrenchingly difficult, raw, brutal, thought provoking and emotional reads I have ever sat through. There were times I thought I couldn't go on and my resolve was sorely tested

My chest ached, my stomach was in knots and more than once I felt physically sick with the anticipation of what was about to happen.

Reading this book I felt that CJ must be one of the most talented writers I've ever read. How she crafted this story and brought it all together left me in total awe. She is a storyteller who certainly doesn't shy away from what she feels needs to be told, even if, at times, this makes the reader uncomfortable and takes them to a place they thought they could never go.

The reader is taken from the time Livvie is captured and from there she recounts how her predicament evolved and how Caleb and the others played a part in her story. It was nothing short of brilliant how this story was pieced together.

Caleb is still the broken "monster" we met in Captive in the Dark. He is hell-bent on his revenge and willing to sacrifice Livvie (Kitten) into slavery just to ensure his task is carried out.

I have to admit to having strong feelings for Caleb when reading Captive in the Dark (The Dark Duet #1). I hated him because I loved him, when really I should have despised him. Nothing changes in this book. I was still questioning my sanity over my feelings for this man. How could I, after what he had done and was still prepared to do, feel so much love and compassion for him? What was it about this man that drew me to him? Oh trust me, there were times when I wanted to knife him through the heart. This man will test you, and he will test you BIG time, but his tender times with Livvie will hit you deep in your heart and it is at these times when you feel, when you hope, that there is goodness and perhaps love somewhere in this man.

Livvie has grown in this book. She has feelings for Caleb that have her questioning if she is of sound mind. How could she feel the way she does for Caleb after what he has done to her? After what he was still intending to do to her? He never sugar coated her fate. You will be clenching your heart for Livvie. You can't put yourself in her shoes because you couldn't withstand the heartbreak of being there.

I will tell you now that I cried reading this book more than I have ever cried reading a book before. Whilst this story is at times shocking, it was also so emotional throughout, and catching glimpses of Caleb's past will have you clutching your chest. I defy anyone to read the last chapter of this book without crying.

After finishing this book I sobbed for an hour afterwards and just stared into space. I had to absorb everything I had read and marvel at what an amazing and emotional journey this author had just taken me on.

As I've said, this is by no means an easy read, let's face it, a book about human trafficking and sex slavery was never written with the intention of being an easy read.

However, when you pick this book up (be sure to read Captive in the Dark first!) you will experience, what I can promise you will be an emotional rollercoaster the likes of which you will be hard pressed to beat.

This book will make you angry. It will make you sick. It will make you sad. It will test your resolve. It will make you question your thoughts and your feelings, but I promise you, you will not forget this book. It will stay with you long after the last page, because not only will this book touch your heart, it will touch your soul.

I was a Beta read for this book in July 2012

Pre-order: $6.99
Release day: $9.99

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DARK DUET: Platinum Edition Countdown - 20 October

Today is October 20th

While we're waiting, here's one of my favorite reviews of the first book in the Dark Duet series via "Miss" on Amazon. MY FIRST REVIEW!!!

Caleb is a man with a singular interest in revenge. Kidnapped as a young boy and sold into slavery by a power-hungry mobster, he has thought of nothing but vengeance. For twelve years he has immersed himself in the world of pleasure slaves searching for the one man he holds ultimately responsible. If Caleb is to get close enough to strike, he must become the very thing he abhors.

Eighteen-year-old Olivia Ruiz has just woken up in a strange place. Blindfolded and bound, there is only a calm male voice to welcome her. His name is Caleb and he demands to be called Master.

Miss' Review:
"I purchased this ebook this morning and read it in a matter of hours. I couldn't put it down it was that good! The character's were well thought out, and the story flowed at a perfect pace. I cannot wait for the sequel so I can learn what's in store for Caleb and Livvie. I prefer not to think about the fact that such a disturbing story could pull my heartstrings but it is hard not to feel for both the tormentor and the tormented. Kudos to the author for a story well told!" -- Amazon, 31 August 2011

Thank you, "Miss", for taking a chance on a book no one had reviewed and being the first to vouch for my work on Amazon.

Pre-order: $6.99
Release day: $9.99

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Welcome to the Dark Side

Hello Smutketeers!!!

You know what I love about Indie Writers?

They help each other succeed. Yup...we help our competitors sell their books and feed their families. Why? Because we're awesome.

For those of you who don't know, Aleatha Romig is probably my #1 Indie competitor in the realm of Dark Erotica, Dark Romance, and general Mindfuckery.

And you know what? We're good friends. We're "Team Dark Side" and we take ALL PRISONERS.

Mrs. Romig and I have releases coming out one week apart so we decided, in the spirit of Indie, to host a giveaway together for OUR fans because we know you have enough room on your shelf for both of us and we love you for it.

So, while I kick back with my ARC of INSIDIOUS and Aleatha enjoys her ARC of DARK DUET: Platinum Edition - why don't you enter our giveaway and join "Team Dark Side"

by: CJ Roberts
RELEASE: 28 Oct 2014
Regular Price: $9.99


by: Aleatha Romig
RELEASE: 21 Oct 2014
Ebook: $4.99
Paperback: $11.94