Friday, May 16, 2014

Dark Duet Fanfic Contest: And the Winners Are

This was much more difficult than I anticipated. All of the stories touched me in a different way, most of them a hand-span beneath my belly button. I said it in a previous post, but each story was like a love note from the reader to me. Thank you so much for loving these characters so much and for writing them so well. Props!

First, I will review all the stories in order of submission:

A Chance of Fate WOW! You know this world, my world, like the back of your hand and it damn well shows. You took Caleb and turned him into a high school jock and somehow he was STILL Caleb. All the characters were spot on - Livvie, Celia, Felipe, KID! (Oh, I love that you included him), found a place for all of them in this fic. I also loved the mention of Caleb's Kittens and the photo shoot where you depicted the actual covers. Well done!!

Dark Twist HOLY SHIT! It's like you crawled directly into my head and hijacked all my dirty dreams. I LOVED THIS!! Again, each character was so beautifully, achingly, pain-stackingly TRUE to themselves that I couldn't breathe because my chest felt so...ugh, I think I shed a tear in the middle of this super HAWT fanfic. There really isn't anything Caleb wouldn't do to prove his love, is there? I love that fucking man. And Reed!! PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Cradle of Darkness You broke my heart. BROKE IT!! Again, I was amazed by how well you know Caleb and Livvie. This was as close to re-telling Captive in the Dark from the 'If Caleb Were Kidnapped by Livvie' perspective that I couldn't get over it for hours. There ARE things that are difficult for me to write and for some reason, when it comes to Caleb, MY CALEB, in pain...I just shy away. You took it there and it was wonderful, and sad, and perfect. Brava!

Rotten Jealousy This was an assault in the best way. It made me wonder what Livvie would be like if she'd been more fragile, weak, and broken by her ordeal with Caleb. What if he fostered such co-dependency in her that she became...mush. Though short, I enjoyed the idea and it really took their story in a new direction. I adored the fragmented sentences that were reminiscent of my style in the book. Very nice portrayal of obsession. Great job!

Trading Places Soo cute! And smexy! At one point I actually said (aloud) "OH NO, HE DIDN'T!", and then I giddily giggled for way longer than is proper. You had it right - if Caleb ever allowed for this - he would DEFINITELY try to top from the bottom. This was also kind of beautiful in its way, because I imagine that Caleb was feeling very vulnerable and hiding it the way he usually does, and STILL he went on with it, gave of himself to the person he loves most in the world. Wonderful!

Show Me Yummy! I often like to imagine Caleb is a real person and if he were, I think I would write him stories and letters all the time. This was a short and sweet fic that read like a poem. Thank you for writing it and leaving me with a warm feeling inside (my pants).

When the Angels Fall Oh, girl! First, I have to assume you are also a big SUPERNATURAL fan because that opening scene was vivid in my mind. Second, you like it dark and grimy, and I am SO into that! Third, mmm Caleb the Angel of Darkness - yes, please. Finally, another great fic. I hope you keep your login and keep writing.... maybeyoucouldwritemesomeWincestbecausethatshitisSUPERhot.

Enlightened in the Dark *Sob* Okay, you KNOW how much I love my Caleb and his angst seriously just guts me, probably because I feel it so keenly. You did an awesome job! This: "This was the world's way of paying me back for my sins. Because of my actions and choices, my wife suffered at my hand and now my child."

(includes voter feedback)

Grand Prize: 1) Editing, Cover, and Review services on an original manuscript. CJ Roberts will pay to have your original manuscript professionally edited and cover designed and provide you with a review along with a spotlight on her blog, Facebook, and Twitter. OR  any reasonable request made to CJ Roberts in lieu of editing, cover, and review services. 2)Inclusion of your Dark Duet fanfic in her bonus materials with links to your original work and/or website. 3) An autographed first edition of her upcoming Captive in the Dark graphic novel upon release.

Runner Up: 1) An autographed first edition of her upcoming Captive in the Dark graphic novel upon release. 2) Inclusion of your Dark Duet fanfic in her bonus materials with links to your original work and/or website. 3) $50 gift card of your choosing.

Bronze: 1) $25 gift card of your choosing. 2) Autographed cover poster. 3) Inclusion of your Dark Duet fanfic in her bonus materials with links to your original work and/or website.


I loved all the fics so much, I've decided to include them ALL in my bonus material. Every participant will receive a free e-copy of the new box set which will include your professionally edited stories. Again, thank you all so much for entering. 



Sunday, May 11, 2014

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Thanks for 20,000 Likes

Hello Smutketeers!
I know this post is late, as usual, but I wanted to keep my word and give away some awesome books to say THANK YOU for all your incredible support over the last couple years. Enter the giveaway and please share. 

I'm still working on my body-swap story for Caleb & Livvie and reading through submissions for the fanfic contest. Some serious talent there! If you'd like to vote on YOUR favorite Dark Duet fanfic you can READ HERE and VOTE HERE.

Working on my blog post about the bondage expo too - seriously, some hawtness happened. I can't tell you everything, but I will say that some of my fellow erotica authors have lips that taste like sin (SCANDALOUS). Have I mentioned how amped I am for Book Bash?

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