Monday, June 18, 2012

Almost there, could use some help. OH! And there's stuff in it for you, too.

Attention: My Pervy Fans
Seduced in the Dark will most likely be finished this week! Just the 1st draft, but so excited. Lots to come in the next several weeks and I'll need your help.

I've signed up for a Kickstarter account. They help creative types like me get their projects off the ground. In order to finish SITD on time and in the hopes of being a full-time writer, I quit my day job.

Great, except I need capital to get the book launched: posters, post-cards, postage, upfront book buy, editor etc.

SO...I have decided to offer a pre-sale of SITD in order to raise the money I need. For $25 you can get an advanced and autographed copy of SITD once it's available to me through the printers (possibly before it’s officially released!)

Please check out the link below and help a b***h out! Tell a friend! Without the necessary funds, I will have to wait to put out the paperback until I’ve raised the capital through the sales on the ebook.