Thursday, August 28, 2014

WIP Wednesday...on Throwback Thursday

I know it has been over a year since I published a new book, but don't fret, I always have a work in progress. Currently, I am working on a few projects for your literary consumption. First, a graphic novel version of Captive in the Dark. It's taking longer than I hoped, but all the art should be complete by the end of the year. Second, I'm working on an all new full-length novel called Commitment. It is also taking longer than I hoped and won't be ready until early next year.

For my Spanish-speaking readers, Seduced in the Dark and Epilogue will be ready for download on 1 October, or sooner, if I get it back from the formatter.

Finally, in the next few weeks I will put out The Complete Dark Duet. It will include all three books in the series, as well as eight scorching-hot fanfics, my favorite interviews, and two all-new short stories written by yours truly. All bonus material will be available for purchase separate from the bundle for those of you who already own the series as stand alone books.

I'm most excited about Determined to Obey, an MMF short featuring Kid, Felipe, and Celia. The short was originally written as a 10K story for a charity anthology, but I have since re-imagined the tale. Currently, I am at 15K words AND STILL WRITING! I don't know if you're all ready for a bisexual tryst, but I sure as hell hope so because I am loving having poor Kid at my disposal. It's too soon to tell, but it could turn into another Epilogue situation (started out as a short story, then a novella, and then a full-length novel).

I'd love your thoughts on this FELIPE/KID scene. It takes place just after Celia whips Kid for the first time (or, 'the scene where Celia makes Kid suck a dildo', as some of you pervs put it. lol). WARNING: DO NOT READ IF M/M BOTHERS YOU! YOU ARE WARNED.

By CJ Roberts

“You did very well tonight, boy.” Felipe’s thick fingers brush along Kid’s lips. He chuckles. “You don’t like that, do you? I imagine such a pretty mouth has many admirers?”
“Fuck you,” Kid replies hastily. Felipe’s goons left him blindfolded and shackled spread-eagle against cold tile after his little performance with Celia. For the last couple hours he’s experienced every emotion he knows how to name and a few he doesn’t. He hates Felipe and yet he’s grateful to him for sparing his life—even if at present, he doesn’t comprehend why he’s eager to go on.
“Language,” Felipe tuts, “Such filth shouldn’t come out of such a pretty mouth.” Again, his fingers skim over Kid’s lips. He smiles. “Still don’t like it, I see. I can understand what Celia says; you reek of despoiled innocence. It is…tempting.” He leans closer to Kid’s shackled body, presses his nose into the soft flesh between Kid’s ribcage and inhales slowly. “Or perhaps I only smell my Celia on you. If I go lower, I suspect I’ll smell her womanly juices on your little boy cock.”
Kid’s muscles ache and burn under the strain of pulling away from Felipe, knowledge of his futility counts for nothing. Despoiled what? Why? Touching me…oh God…little cock…help. It occurs to him he hasn’t been prohibited from speaking. “F-F-Felipe…please stop. I don’t want this.” He can hear the terror in his voice and is relieved he doesn’t have to look the other man in the eye.
Felipe’s tone is pure amusement. “Isn’t it?” He stands with his hands on the younger man’s hips. Kid is an inch or two taller; he can feel Felipe’s breath just under his chin. “You agreed to belong to me.”
“To Celia,” Kid whispers. Felipe’s fingers dig into his hips.
“And to whom does she belong?” There is a thinly veiled threat in the words. He presses bruises into the tender skin that covers the bones of Kid’s youthful pelvis. It doesn’t take Felipe long to hear the answer he is looking for and he relents. “That’s right, you ungrateful boy, she belongs to me, and so do you—if—I desire it. Or if you prefer, I can always return you to Caleb; his girl isn’t much use at the moment.”
“No! Please, no. I belong to you. Do whatever the hell you want, but please keep that goddamn psycho away from me!” Kid thrashes in his restraints, visions of his Tiny’s severed head dancing in the darkness behind his blindfold.
“Shhh, shhhh.” Felipe aligns himself along Kid’s splayed body and closes the distance between their bodies. He keeps the younger man sandwiched tightly between himself and the shower wall. “Of course you belong to me, boy, of course.” He words are mawkishly soothing, but effective. Kid surrenders his pitiful control and surreptitiously nods his head.
“Just do it already. I won’t fight, I can’t.” Kid shudders. His breath catches several times. Going for broke, sinking as low as he dares, he begs, “But…just…don’t be a dick about it. I’ve never….” He can’t even say it without bursting into tears. He’s acutely aware of his nudity alongside a fully clothed Felipe; keenly mindful of the thick, warm shaft lurking behind his zipper. Kid’s penis remains flaccid between their lower bellies.
“Language, boy, last warning. And just what is it you’ve never done that has you flushing so beautifully for me?” He breathes in through his nose. “You smell delicious, like Celia’s hungry pussy.” He whispers in Kid’s ear, “I wonder if your pussy will be as good as hers.”
“I don’t have a pussy,” Kid whines. It’s evident he’s going to lose his bid for control any minute. He can already feel his throat closing and his nose running.
“No? Then what’s this?” He circles the tight pucker of Kid’s anus with one spit-slick finger.
That’s it; Kid’s done trying to be brave. “It’s my asshole,” he sobs. “You know it’s my asshole. Stop it!” He devolves into wails of despair. “I didn’t do anything! Please…I didn’t do it.” Things are worse after Felipe abruptly removes the blindfold—Kid’s only shield against his own debasement. He closes his eyes against the bright light and the older man’s scrutiny.
“Open your eyes, pretty boy, let me see those petulant eyes.” A moment later: “Right now, or I’ll open you without lubrication.” His finger continues its gentle twirl around Kid’s rim.
Calling upon every scrap of self-preservation, Kid timidly opens his eyes. He blinks against the bright light reflecting off onyx tile. It’s a shower room; he can see a drain in the floor—it’s all he cares to look at. He doesn’t dare to acknowledge Felipe, whose warm breath puffs across his cheek. He shuts his eyes tight and whimpers as his asshole is worked by a skilled and indecent finger. Felipe whispers things in a litany of Spanglish against his neck.
Open your eyes! I know, sweet boy…so tight…Celia…clever girl…we’re going to have so much fun with you.” Felipe is starting to sweat and his finger gets bolder with every pass over the boy’s hairless, pink pucker.
“Lube!” Kid bellows. “You promised.” Fat, salty tears and watery snot trickle toward his trembling mouth. He keeps his eyes to the left of Felipe and focused on the floor; they close briefly as Felipe’s warm palm cups his wet cheek and turns his head to face the older man. He opens blue eyes and meets beautifully cruel green.
“Let me set your mind at ease, beautiful boy. One day soon, you’ll beg me to come inside you.” He taps his finger on Kid’s hole. “Until then, you’ll appease me with your submission or I’ll rid myself of the nuisance you present. Am I understood?” Kid’s affirmative reply is softly spoken between them. “Good. Now…what is this?”
Kid’s face is a study in misery. He shatters like glass and his voice sounds just as broken. “My pussy.”
“And whom does this pussy belong to, boy?”
“To you,” Kid submits.
“All together, boy. I like to hear it.” He slides his finger over Kid’s perineum and around his hole in a never-ending circuit.
“Please,” Kid begins before the look on Felipe’s face gives him pause and he gives himself over fully. “My pussy belongs to you, Felipe.”
“And are you going to let me fuck your pussy one day, boy?” His question is met with silence, and then….
“Yes.” It’s barely audible.
“Say it.”
“I’m going to let you fuck my pussy.” Kid is surprised to feel a tingle in his cock. It frightens him, that tingle.
“Yes,” Felipe whispers with a hint of triumph, “We understand each other now.” He unzips his pants with his free hand while the other carries on its previous attentions. Laughter rumbles out of him as the younger man startles and his boy pussy instinctively shrinks away from his formerly—and deliciously subconscious—accepted touch. “There’s just one more thing left to do and then you may have a reward.”
“What are you gonna do?” Kid mewls. He is every bit his nineteen years—all man on the outside—still a boy in his heart.
Felipe is struck by the young man’s innocence. He was satisfied before, but for the first time has no doubts he had nothing to do with the attempted rape or subsequent beating of Caleb’s slave. Kid may have been associated with a group of drug-running outlaws, but the boy was no man of action. Not like Felipe, or Rafiq, or Caleb—they are wolves circling a wounded lamb.  A warm feeling takes up residence in his chest and quickly travels south. He will show mercy, he decides. “Celia has marked you. I will as well.” He can’t resist rubbing his hard cock against Kid’s flaccid one. The younger man’s gasps and whimpers are sure to become an aural fixation. “Be a good boy and keep your eyes open. I like looking at you.”
Kid almost tells him to go fuck himself, but he doesn’t. There is no purpose in tempting Felipe toward doing more with his finger than teasing. He can do this. He can get through this ordeal and…. And what? I have nowhere to go and I’m too scared to die. I’m a coward, a fucking pussy. He opens his eyes again and lets Felipe take his fill of his despair.
“Don’t be so sad,” Felipe pants, “You’re mine now, my prize, and I’ll take care of you.” All of this foreplay has him in quite a state. Celia is magnificent with the boy. She plays both the simpering imp and the hungry succubus with sublime elegance. Seeing them together was an exercise in restraint. “The past is anguish, but Celia and I will fill your future with ambrosia. We will cherish you as the lovely boy you truly are. Celia will act as your new mother, I will be your new father, and you shall be the obedient son we can never have.”
“You’re sick!” Kid sniffles. The older man is masturbating on him—circling his asshole—and he has the audacity to implicate himself as Kid’s father? “My dad never!”
Felipe chuckles. “Of course not. There’s nothing incestuous about what we’ll do with you, boy. I’m simply offering what you clearly lack—a mother figure to hold you, and a father to guide you—approval they can no longer give you—discipline you never learned.”
“It’s too late for that! I’m a man!” Kid is a weeping mess, but he’s careful not to curse.
“Not to me!” Felipe groans and plants his face in the crook of Kid’s neck as he comes in thick spurts over the boys genitals. He smells Celia. Pressed along the younger man’s displayed body, he indulges in the mingled scents of semen, vagina, and Kid’s fear-tinged sweat. He moans, and much to the relief of his new bedmate, slides his finger away from the boy’s pussy. He leans away to look at his new ward; he’s exquisite. Celia knows his tastes remarkably well. Kid is flushed all over with embarrassment. His sobs echo around the room. Still, the boy keeps his eyes on Felipe. Belatedly, he gathers up some of his fluids from Kid’s stomach and brings them up to the boy’s mouth. “Show me what a good boy you’re going to be for me.”
Kid recoils with a violated shudder. “Come on, man.” He outright screams when the force of Felipe’s open palm sends his face to one side.
“That is not how a good boy replies!” Felipe scolds, even as he uses the same hand to soothe the red mark on Kid’s cheek. “Don’t you want to be my good boy?” He says more softly and sighs when the only response is an elongated cry. He’s not made of stone. “You’re going to be a willful little boy, I can already tell.” Felipe infuses as much tenderness as he can manage toward Kid into his words. He strokes the boy’s hair until he has his breathing under better control. “There,” he croons, “There’s my boy. He’s so good. So brave. Deep breaths…that’s it. Be brave for me now. Be the good boy I know you are.” A wave of smug satisfaction crashes over him and he laments his inability to get hard again so soon as the boy slows his breaths and lets his eyes gently glaze over. He scoops up more come.
Kid doesn’t know why he opens his mouth to Felipe’s fingers; the act seems natural. The taste faintly registers. He hears only praise and feels only comfort. Kid wants more gentle touches, more worshipful words spoken softly into his ear…more…more…more. I can be brave. I can be good. Don’t leave me. I’ll be good. I’ll be good. I’ll be good. The older man has him in thrall.
“Such a sweet boy.” Felipe kisses the boy’s sweaty head and runs his come stained fingers though his mussed strands. He is completely unsurprised by the way Kid leans into the possessive touches. It’s obvious what the younger man has been missing and Felipe intends to give it to him. And if Felipe takes what he craves from him in return, well, he supposes it’s only as it should be. “You were perfect, Kid. I couldn’t have asked for a better boy.” Kid whimpers. “Would you like your reward?”
“Yes, Felipe,” Kid says in monotone.
“Very well, after I bathe you, I will take you to Celia and you may sleep with her in her bed. I know she’s eager to apologize for thrashing you in front of our guests…but it was the only way to convince Caleb and Rafiq to place your punishment in our hands. Forgive her, won’t you?”
Kid sniffles, “Yes, Felipe.” He adds, “Thank you,” unexpectedly.
“You’re very welcome.”

Kid doesn’t sleep well that night, but whenever he wakes, Celia is there to give him anything he desires—including her body. She keeps his mind off the tragedy that follows him like a scourge. “…you shall be the obedient son we can never have.” Then again, perhaps Kid isn’t the only person intimately acquainted with fate’s cruelties.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

A.R. Torre's THE GIRL IN 6E

Hello Smutketeers!

I don't typically do this, but it's not often that a fellow author asks me to provide back-matter for an awesome read. Guess I'm just a sucker for dark novels and complex, interesting characters (Yup, cause who likes THAT?). So I have the pleasure of interviewing A.R. Torre about her debut THE GIRL in 6E. Enjoy!

My life, inside this apartment is simple. It works, as long as I follow the rules.

1. Don't leave the apartment. Not in case of fire, not to mail a letter, not to run an errand. The door stays shut, and I stay inside.
2. Don't get attached to clients. I take off my clothes, I stand in front of the camera, and I perform. What they want, I give. Their secrets, I keep. Everything I tell them, is a lie.
3. Don't kill anyone. I've obeyed that rule for over three years.

My life, inside this apartment was simple, and it worked. Then, I started breaking rules.
Enter a world of lies, thrills, fears, and all desires, in this original thriller from A. R. Torre.

CJ's Thoughts:
"An incredible debut. Gritty, unique, primal, full of angst, oddly feminist, and right up my alley. The Girl in 6E deviates from formulaic romance to deliver something truly special and worthy of praise and attention. A dark soul like me isn't often surprised by controversy or taboo subject matter, but this book delivers and I'll be reading more A.R. Torre books in the future. Kudos!" -- CJ Roberts, NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author of The Dark Duet 

1. What was your inspiration for writing THE GIRL IN 6E?
-- I stumbled upon the webcam industry in my research into fetishes, and was fascinated by who these women were and why they were in this business. I started thinking about a female character who was very different than the personality that she portrayed on camera, and that started the building blocks of Deanna. I also learned, from the camgirls that I interviewed, about the darker side of camming, the clients who made them lose sleep at night. I started thinking about 'what if?' What if you suspected a client of hurting someone? Would you investigate further? Call the police? At what point do you look away, and at what point do you involve yourself in a dangerous situation?

2. I really loved the premise of the novel. What do you think about the lack of dark/twisted/broody/strong female leads in erotic/romantic fiction?
--My biggest pet peeve, when reading, is a weak female lead. I think our industry is getting better... either that, or I am doing a better job of picking my author/reads, but I think we need more. More strong women. More intelligence, drive, and spunk. More depth. More of everything, and we don't have to minimize or weaken our male leads to do it.

3. Did you find it difficult to categorize your work? What lessons learned might you have for other authors?
-- I found it very difficult to categorize Girl in 6E. I consider it to be an erotic suspense, which is a category that doesn't really exist. And because the sex in Girl in 6E is all virtual... it's explicit but also isn't skin to skin so... I've had readers say that it isn't erotica. Which makes for a very confusing categorizing situation. :)

--Lessons learned / Advice for other authors: Be aware that, if you are stepping out into a category that doesn't exist, you might be sitting out there all by your lonesome. Your best bet is to clearly explain, through the cover and blurb, the different elements that exist in your book. Don't paint your book as a contemporary romance if it is dark and twisted. Also, consider using a different pseudonym if you are jumping genres. It can help readers understand your different types of work.

4. Do you have a favorite review?
--My most recent favorite review for the Girl in 6E is THIS ONE, only because it compares me to Gillian Flynn which makes me *swoon* :). And I also love THIS OTHER ONE, this reviewer is wonderful at creating a visual review.

5. What do you think about negative reviews and do you have a favorite? Personally, I enjoy negative reviews that a) offer constructive criticism or b) condemn the subject matter CLEARLY listed in the product description (Silly people make me laugh).
-- I don't mind negative reviews, especially intelligent negative reviews. My favorite negative review ever was from Pam Godwin, another author, whose constructive criticism was spot on, helped me to improve the book, and led to a friendship between us! (it was for a different book, not 6E). For Girl in 6E, I don't have a favorite negative review, but THIS ONE made me smile -- only because the reader doesn't understand why Deanna would fight her killing urges. It's one reader I wouldn't want to sleep next to at night. :)

6. Are there any release dates on the horizon you'd like us to know about?
--- YES! Black Lies is my next release, it is an erotic romance and will release on August 25th.