Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Giveaway Time! (Again)

Guess what?

No, seriously...guess.

That was fast! Are you psychic?

What? I just put it in the title...you'd think I'd be better about giving away the answer.

But speaking of giving things away...

I have some pretty cool stuff happening and I'd like to share it with you.

First, I want to thank all of you for being the great fans you are. My ego has taken some serious hits the last few months, but whenever I feel like giving up because maybe I've said everything I had to say, or believe I'm not as talented as those getting TV, movie, or publishing deals, or the people that are supposed to help me get my career moving completely ignore me - there's you. There's ALWAYS you!!! You're always there to pick me up and remind me why I started writing at all: because I love it.

Ok, enough of that. On to the free shit.

I am giving away 1 ebook copy of Shades of Words. This anthology features 17 incredible authors and has all-new and exclusive material you won't read anywhere else. Best of all, ALL PROCEEDS GO TO BREAST CANCER RESEARCH. We've already made the Top 100 in the Romance category. Thank you!! My contribution is Determined to Obey. Click HERE for a sample.

Next, 5 ebook copies of Make Me. 12 full-length novels featuring all the dubcon you can stand! Captive in the Dark is included in the anthology. This is a $40 value currently available for pre-order on Amazon for the obscene price of 99cents.

Pre-Order Now

Finally, a grand price of both ebooks AND 1 audio-book version of Epilogue: The Dark Duet. YES ladies and gents, it's out! Take a listen.

Special Note: You'll notice that liking my friend Julie Prestsater is one of the requirements to enter. She needs the likes and HUGE congratulations. I won't spoil her surprise, but you should get to know her now before her star leaves our orbit. I LOVE YOU, JULIE!