Pink Shades of Words

An excerpt from: DETERMINED to OBEY, by CJ Roberts

Warning #1: Heed the warning.
Warning #2: 18+ This book contains very disturbing situations, strong language, and graphic violence.

Seriously, it does.

Six months later, Kid no longer needed to be tied. There had been another series of debauched acts to teach him control. Without control, there would be no pleasure, and Kid couldn’t breathe without pleasure.
Kid held tight to the ring dangling from the ceiling and kept his bare feet on the floor through sheer force of will. He didn’t brace for the paddle. He let his body absorb the dull thud—accept the pain Felipe doled out.
Gracias, Felipe,” Kid groaned. Between his spread legs, Celia sucked his cock.
“I can stop,” Felipe offered. He ran a hot, open palm across Kid’s pink ass. “Or Celia and I can both keep going.”
Kid didn’t hesitate. “Please, Felipe. Don’t stop.”
“Good boy,” he said.
Kid felt no shame over the joy the compliment brought him. He wanted to be good for his master and mistress. He craved their approval and lived for the pleasure they wrung out of him. He felt safe with them, sure they would never hurt him, never break him. So long as Kid obeyed, the outside world couldn’t touch him.
He could hold on forever.

This story appears in the anthology PINK SHADES of WORDS. 
All proceeds go to breast cancer research.

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