Monday, October 14, 2013

The Censorship Police Are At It Again!


I have not yet been notified that CAPTIVE IN THE DARK or SEDUCED IN THE DARK will be removed from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but it's possible.

For the record, I do not believe in censorship. Though I realize Amazon and B&N are publicly traded companies and have the right to form their own policies, I also believe the relationship between large corporations and our government cannot be ignored. Censorship is a slippery slope.

PayPal tried to do something similar over a year ago by pressuring Smashwords to remove erotic titles from its catalog and the collective outcry from readers put a stop to it. I hope the same happens here.

I wrote a blog post about what happened with Smashwords if anyone is interested.

For the time being, I recommend backing up your books on your computer if you want to keep them. Additionally, since Smashwords has already been through this debacle and defeated it. I reccomend NEW readers to purchase from them. Use the link above to find the series page.

Best of luck to all my fellow indie erotica authors as we go through this shit again!


UPDATE 1: B&N will refund removed books, but are removing titles. Not mine, but I know of at least one author who has had her books taken down (Bianca Sommerland). No word yet on Amazon refunds or if this affects US readers or just UK. The link was BBC.

From Bianca Sommerland (affected by censorship on Amazon): Hey, CJ! Thanks for the information, reading everything I can find. So far, my book is still on Amazon, but blocked on my dashboard and I was told they wouldn't sell it anymore. Starting when, I have no idea. Waiting for a reply about what's going on.