Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Join me on Stalkcation! Meet Charlie Hunnam.

I would like to take this opportunity to announce that as of last week, I have signed with an agent at a very prominent literary agency. That's right! I'm officially a big deal. LOL!

I know that none of this would be happening without you - the readers. You discovered me. You told your friends about me. You hosted me on your blogs, invited me into your Facebook groups, you pimped me on Twitter.

You changed my life.

Thank you!

So here's some MORE awesome news: I know we've all been arguing about whom would play Caleb if Captive in the Dark and Seduced in the Dark were ever optioned for a film. Honestly, I thought all the talk was amazing, but was only conjecture. A movie? Not likely. BUT...these days - I'm dreaming super big!

I never thought I'd sell more than a handful of books - I've sold over 40,000.
I never thought I'd get mainstream attention - I had my pick of agents.
I never thought I'd be looking at a world full of possibilities - I AM.

SO...I'm thinking about that movie now and I'm thinking, what can't I do with all of  you in my corner?


Back to the point. The debate for whom play Caleb has been between:



Personally, I am in love with Charlie! In fact, I will be attending the Lone Star Rally in Galveston, Texas, November 1-4.

I even snagged VIP PASSES to meet him! Ready for the awesome? I want YOU to come with me!!! Yes, imagine it - you, me, Charlie...assorted body oils (just think about it - no pressure).

Here's the deal - I paid for these tickets. So if you enter, PLEASE be prepared to win and get your ass to Texas on time. I'd hate to waste these tickets.

I can only choose ONE winner to receive TWO tickets. You must be present with me at 1:30pm on Friday, November 2nd in order to be allowed inside. Our entire party must come in at once. Also, since I am hoping to shamelessly plug my books to Charlie in the hope he will contact my agent and light a fire under my getting an epic movie deal - you might have to wear a Dark Duet T-shirt (which I will of course provide).

I will choose the winner OCTOBER 26TH.

GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU! I wish I could take you all.
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  1. I didn't know where to post the picture so I posted it to my Facebook. Lauren Stimson venable and I posted to my twitter @laurenven
    OMG ur awesome and Congrats on signing and writing more books I can NOT wait. I just finished seduced yesterday and I usually start a new book right away but I feel like I am in mourning. Morning Caleb and livvie being gone! :( I NEED more! Lol

  2. GAH! I wish I could go :(

    Both guys are hot, but Charlie seems more like Caleb to me.

    1. I agree.....he has that edge to him that is needed for Caleb.

  3. I posted on my Twitter page: pic.twitter.com/LssMOdY3

  4. well i live in texas n work in pasadena...not far from galveston. my sister amanda cantu will be there. i hope i win. pick me! pick me! lol

  5. Oh I wish I could be there!
    I'll be there in spirit!
    But what exciting news you have here! So well deserved. Best books out there by far! And will be the must see movie! It's just a matter of time and I don't think it will be long!

  6. Hi my name is Dee I live in Houston Texas I would love to meet Charlie.I just want to be able to say Hi to him in person. There's A Girl in Texas her name is Dee

  7. I so wish Texas was closer to Florida! Hmmmm.... jealous much? YES I AM!

    Congrats on your success!! You deserve everything that has happened and much more. Why? Because you're awesome and incredibly talented!

  8. I think I'm leaning toward Paul but I do see the draw for Charlie :) nice choices!!
    I love your book and proudly displayed it on Facebook :


    Plus I have a review posted on my blog:


    Thanks for such an awesome contest- xoxox

  9. Congrats on your success. Iowa maybe a tad to far for me to make it to texas but I am pimping the giveaway! :D

  10. Charlie is delicious! Love your books...worst book hangover in my life...Look forward to enjoying more of your books!

  11. I am loving all the Facebook pics. I need new adjectives to describe how amazing you all are. I really wish all of you could come with me!

  12. https://twitter.com/vaj_ohnson/status/261314543983144960/photo/1

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  14. I won but I never got an email ?sloanlauren82@yahoo.com