Friday, September 7, 2012

Getting to Know an Indie, Volume 1, Ep. 1

Indie Author: 
K. Rowe

What do you love most about being a writer?

I like the freedom to tell stories and make stuff up that people like to read. Besides, my brain is jammed up with hundreds of stories; it’d just explode if I didn't get them out.


What do you like the least about being a writer?

I really hate formatting my own work, but being Indie means you live on a budget and can’t always afford luxuries. I do pay for an editor who does my novels, and an artist who occasionally work for me. Otherwise, I’m a one woman band.

Which of your works would you say is your best?  

The Space series (Space Crazy, Space Junk, Space Available, Space Invaded)


Why is this your favorite?

Because I’ve never fallen in love with a character until Dar Meltom.  He’s half-alien, funny, athletic, sexy, and generally a diverse character to work with because I can do so much with him. And being half-alien, sex scenes with him are really interesting to write.

What are you working on now?

A variety of erotic short stories, Space Invaded, and editing my first novel, Project: Dragonslayers,  for a release of a second edition. I also have a supernatural thriller coming out Halloween.


Which of your characters do you resemble the most (in manner)?

Oh, tough one! I’d say probably Colonel Eagle Tryggvesson in the Dragonslayers saga. She’s a bit stiff and starched; occasionally uptight, and knows what needs to happen to get the job done. She doesn’t pull any punches, and people respect her.

Is there a question you hate answering?

Mankind: Good or evil? Explain.



K. Rowe is a multi-genre author and retired U.S. Air Force Master Sergeant. She has been writing for the last twenty plus years. Stationed at various bases around the U.S.A. and in Europe, she draws from her years of active service. Blending fact and fiction, she spends hours researching technology and locations for her work.

She lives on a 100-acre farm in eastern Kentucky with her husband, three dogs, two cats, and three horses. When not pounding out several novels a year on her laptop, she can be found working in the garden, or in the fields proudly driving her 1953 Ferguson tractor.

Her favorite part about being an author is interacting with her fans, and she appreciates reviews and feedback. You can find more info on her here:

Amazon author page:

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  1. Ah, yes! It is so good to see Kathy here! i have read many of her books and love them all. I too love the tales of Dar. Keep going, Kathy!