Tuesday, March 25, 2014

CJ Roberts Work in Progress (WIP)

My Dearest Readers,
I know many of you have been wondering what I am working on, when it will be out, and if Agent Reed from Seduced in the Dark will be making an appearance. I finally feel confident enough to supply you with answers to these questions.

I'll begin by letting you know that I WILL NOT be publishing the Agent Reed spin-off this year. The fact of the matter is - I'm just not feeling it. I was, at one point, but life has a way of throwing you off course once you engage the cruise control. I realize many of you, including myself, are very disappointed by this news. However, my writing process is organic - I don't outline, I don't 'set things in stone' - I have to feel the material. I never know what I'm going to write when I sit down in front of my laptop and when I try to force it...I don't like what comes out. That said, I won't say there will never be an Agent Reed book - I'm saying he'll be worth the wait once he gets off his ass and into my dreams.

So what am I working on and when will it be out? Well, I'm working on a different kind of book. For over a year I have had an idea to write a novel about a married woman contemplating the murder of her husband.

Take a peek and let me know what you think. I'm dying to know.



Expected Release 

1 OCT 2014


  1. wow....if you dont feel it. dont do it. is simple as that. Im goin to wait for Agent Reed anyway!

    1. Thanks, Laura! He'll come along sometime.

  2. Oh... I'm so sad, but ... it's okay. There's still time... Any book that you make I will read it with pleasure! ♥