Friday, September 13, 2013

The New Caleb: Mike Vogel or Joseph Morgan?

Well, I just can't freakin' decide! Damn you, Charlie Hunnam! Damn your sexy mouth, penetrating eyes, and nearly non-existent inhibitions! Phew...over it.

Anyway, after much sweaty research, I have narrowed it down to TWO gorgeous, talented, and adventurous men. Since I can't decide, let's vote!

First, a Caleb character description from Epilogue: The Dark Duet:

Height: 6’4’’ Weight: 210? Desc: blond hair, Caribbean blue eyes. A full mouth made for kissing. He has a canine tooth that is a bit sharp and slightly out of line with all of this other perfect teeth (the first time I saw him smile). Muscular, but lean—not bulky or overly muscled. His skin is tan from the sun, not a machine. He has almost invisible blond hair everywhere (kissing his back, they stood on end—super soft).

Mannerisms: Caleb always seems to think something is funny or amusing (that ridiculous smirk). His eyes can be beautiful or fucking terrifying (peaceful waters v. dark murky water). His mouth gets tense when he’s pissed and trying not to show it. He scowls a lot and sometimes he does it while he’s smiling, which usually means he’s about to do something especially cruel (that first whipping).

Below I have pictures and scenes of them in action. Enjoy the man nummies.

Mike Vogel

Joseph Morgan


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The best way to get over a guy is to get under a new one!

By now, you've heard the news that former Caleb hopeful, Charlie Hunnam, has been plucked from relative obscurity to play in the major leagues as billionaire dungeon master, Christian Grey.

I have to admit I was completely blindsided by the pick since he wasn't one of the contenders we'd heard about in the months since we discovered there would be a 50 Shades of Grey movie.

Within minutes my Facebook, Twitter accounts, along with my phone were bombarded with messages to bring me the news and ask how I felt about it. Well, I can't say I was too upset (though I did play along). After all, E.L. James has a movie franchise and I'm still trying to get on a book shelf at my local Books-A-Million. To say we are in different leagues is an understatement.

Still, it sucks to have your fantasy cast member seduced from the dark side into the grey area (terrible pun).

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Hunnam at the LoneStar Motorcycle Rally in Galveston, last year. I gifted him with copies of the Dark Duet and he gifted me with his warm body pressed against me while we took a photo. His exact words before we snapped the picture: "Can I hold you?"

My Reaction!

I wish Mr. Hunnam and the incomparable E.L. James the best. I hope the movie does what the books have done: Open the door to the rest of us. Captive in the Dark was in the works long before I knew of 50, but I know that without him, many readers may not have discovered Caleb.

However, I'm not the type to pine away after a man who isn't mine anymore. It was fun, Charlie, but I have to get over you.

Help me crown a new Caleb and win a free paperback copy of Epilogue (Book 3, The Dark Duet)!

Paul Walker

I find him sexy, but does he have the acting chops?

Ryan Gosling

Sexy, talented, has done indie...I drooool

Zac Efron

He's older now and sexy as all hell

Chris Pine

Too manly or is his face just boyish enough?

Drew Van Acker

Relatively unknown and dripping sex appeal

Alex Pettyfer

He might be taken, but mmm!

Jensen Ackles

He's DEFINITELY taken (I think)

So, who's YOUR new Caleb?