Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

On this day of thanks, I'd like to express my gratitude for many things. Earlier this year I received some difficult news about my mom and have spent the months since then in one of the deepest depressions I've ever experienced. Last week, she underwent a very risky surgery in the hopes of extending her life expectancy. We didn't have high hopes and I was trying to prepare myself for the worst. Lo and behold, she made it through the surgery and has been recovering better than I could have possibly hoped! My heart is incredibly full and I get tears of gratitude in my eyes every time I think of the blessings in my life.

I would never have been able to afford my mother's surgery if not for the love and support of all my incredible fans. Before The Dark Duet, my family and I were struggling in an economy where college degrees mean very little and even veterans are hard-pressed to find work. We were living off of our credit cards and working harder than ever to stay above water. I haven't had to worry about how I'm going to pay my bills in the last two years and I owe it all to you and the incredible support of my family!

I want to thank my husband for being an incredible man who loves me and treats me like his real partner. We are an amazing team and whenever our backs have been against the wall I know there is no one I would rather have next to me in a tough spot.

I'm thankful for my kids because they have kept me going this year when I would much rather have laid down to quit. My love for them makes me strive to be a better mother and person. They inspire me to love with all I have, to play because it keeps me young, and to never give up because I am their example.

I'm thankful for the talented friends I have made during my journey as a writer. They have embraced me as one of their own, given me advice when I've needed it, offered a shoulder to cry on, reassured me, uplifted me and even propelled my career through their fan base. I LOVE YOU!

Anyway, I'm getting all emotional. Happy Thanksgiving you little pervs.

OH! Before I forget! Stay tuned to the blog because I'm looking into an epic damn giveaway for Christmas. YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS IT!!

All my love,

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  1. I think you've touched all of our lives too. Big hugs, honey!