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Sunday Shorts: Seducing Sunshine

Is it Sunday again? Wow, time fly's when you're behind on writing your novel. Sigh.

This week's installment is titled: Seducing Sunshine by Jennifer Roberts.

I love this short because it embodies so much of what I enjoy in reading M/M stories, but also incorporates a woman. Being that it was my first attempt to write something outside of my usual muse, I really enjoyed the way the story came together. I believe myself to be a little unusual because I write hetero titles, but I read A LOT of M/M romance. In fact, most of my favorite genres to read are completely outside of my talents as a writer. In addition to M/M romances, I'm a big fan of sci-fi and paranormal books, but haven't ventured into writing any. Is that weird? Maybe.

A few months ago I was given the amazing opportunity to work with some of my writer friends to put together an anthology that featured bisexual romance, both MMF and FFM. It was a very time consuming project, but the result is something I am incredibly proud of; we called ourselves L.E.I.A. (League of Extraordinary Indie Authors). Seducing Sunshine was my contribution to the anthology, but it is also available as a separate title.

Here's an excerpt:

by Jennifer Roberts

“Trevor is a fucking jerk.” Sun said the words with all the conviction he felt, but Rebecca only laughed.

“He’s not so bad Sun, give the guy a break. He comes off like some douchebag jock, but he has me for a girlfriend. That should say something for the guy.” Sun looked over at Rebecca and rolled his eyes.

“I love you babe, but sometimes you’re just too stupid to live. You are hot! Hot is hot, is hot. It doesn’t matter if you’re an Alt-goddess and he’s Mr. Prep; the fact he gets to say he fucks you to all his meathead buddies only makes him more a stud in their eyes.”

Instead of laughter, an uncomfortable silence settled over them. Sun’s first instinct was to apologize, but he couldn’t seem to get any words out. He’d wanted to say that to Rebecca since the night she hooked up with his asshole roommate. So really, he wasn’t sorry, only nervous.

“Say what you want about Trevor, Sunshine, but sometimes you can be a big jerk too!” She’d called him Sunshine. She only did that when she was mad at him, or teasing him. He didn’t mind the teasing.

When she teased him, she would grab him up like her favorite stuffed animal and pet him harshly.Who’s my Sunshine, she would say, are you my Sunshine? You’re such a beautiful boy Sunshine, mybeautiful boy. He always pushed her away or wrestled out of her arms, but inside he thrilled at her words. He wanted to be hers. He wanted it very much. Her anger, on the other hand, made his insides twist.

“I’m sorry Rebecca. I didn’t mean it. It’s just…” he closed his eyes before he gave her the next nugget of information, “Trevor stole my underwear again and he replaced them with….” Sun’s blush made his cheeks hot. “I’m wearing girl panties right now!” The silence held steady for only a few seconds more and then Rebecca erupted in laughter. Sun’s cheeks burned bright red, but he managed to laugh too.

“Oh my god! Oh baby, oh my Sunshine. You have to let me see! Please, please let me see.” Sun instantly grabbed his pants and rolled over onto his side. There was no way the woman of his dreams was going to see him in panties that read PRINCESS on the butt.

“Get off me Rebecca! No! No! You can’t see.” Rebecca’s body pressed his face into his mattress as her hands scrambled under him for his belt.

“Be a good boy Sunshine and show me those panties.” Her perky tits pressed against his back as her breath puffed across his neck with her exertion and through the fabric of their pants he could feel the warm cradle of her crotch pressing against his ass in hard thrusts while they wrestled. He was getting hard, very hard. He started wresting away from her in earnest. The idea of her seeing his boner encased in princess panties was too much for him to handle. It was bad enough being named Sunshine. Damn his hippie parents to hell!

Rebecca was pretty petite, her body slim, but Sun reasoned she was probably all muscle. Probably, because Sun couldn’t seem to get her off of him. Sun was built well for five feet, ten inches tall, but though he had incredible abs, his body was mostly made up of soft, rounded limbs. It was the reason guys like Trevor made his life hell and girls like Rebecca never took him seriously.

“Becca please! I’m not going to show you!” He didn’t intend to sound angry, but the thought of being held down by a girl he was into, was fatally stinging his pride. She went still against his back, her labored breaths emphasizing the earnestness of their struggle.

“You know I don’t like when you call me Becca.” She huffed against his neck.

“And you…,” Sun panted, “know I…don’t like to…be called Sunshine. But you do it anyway.” Rebecca’s hand skated over his and pressed it against his erection. Sun stilled, wondering if she had done it on purpose.

“I love your name.” Her voice had taken on a purring quality that made Sun want to groan with how much he wanted to kiss her, touch her…fuck her. His hips involuntarily flexed into his hand and subsequently, hers, before pressing into the bed. “You’re so beautiful Sunshine,” she kissed his nape, “you’re my beautiful boy aren’t you? My Sunshine.” Sun groaned, unable to hold it in. He was so hard. And suddenly the idea of being pressed face down into the bed with her at his back didn’t feel like a bad thing. It felt pretty incredible actually.

“I’m so jealous of you.” She stroked his hair, “I know you don’t like it, but you’re parents knew what they were doing when they named you. You’re hair is pure sunshine; don’t you ever dye it. I have to try to look this good; all you have to do is wake up.” They both laughed a little at that. He didn’t get her. In his eyes, they could be twins. Not that he liked to think about that.

“I think you’re beautiful Rebecca, you know that. Stop fishing.” Rebecca smiled and slowly eased off of him to flop onto her back and pant at the ceiling. Sun would have liked to do the same, but his cock would definitely be hard to hide (pun intended). He remained on his stomach, but got up on his elbows to stare down at Rebecca.

She was beautiful, as ever, but he’d never seen her look at him quite the way she was looking at him now. Her blue eyes, usually so clear, seemed darker, her pupils wider. She blinked slowly and he couldn’t help but look at her mouth. Her look was old-school pin-up girl. Her lips were painted blood red, a stark contrast against her pale skin. His eyes flicked back up to see her staring at his mouth just before she looked up at him.

“You really think I’m beautiful, Sunshine?” Her voice was low, breathy, and sexy.

“Oh God yes.” Sun sighed before he could stop himself. His face heated up, but he stopped himself from shying away from her. He’d never been this close to what he wanted and he wouldn’t ruin it by being the first to look away.

“I thought…I thought you were…you know…cause you kissed Eric at that party.” Sun’s head dipped between his shoulders and he let out a discouraged sigh.

“Oh…that! First, it was a dare. Second, I was drunk. Third…third…it doesn’t mean I don’t like girls.”

“But…you like boys too?” Rebecca’s voice sounded less breathy and more curious. It was closer to her normal voice, excited and bubbly. Sun’s erection was beginning to wane and he rolled onto his side to face Rebecca. She turned also and held his hand between them, coaxing him to answer.

“I don’t know Rebecca. I guess I just don’t think about it like that. I don’t really look at people that way…as boys or girls. I just…I like who I like.” Sun appeared calm on the surface, but his heart was racing and creating a hard thudding in his ears. He’d never really discussed this with another person. People put labels on him, but he never felt the need to justify his behavior. He dressed the way he wanted to dress and he did the things he wanted to do. He’d always been the outcast, the alien and the people who got this close to him were few. Well, aside from his parents, just one really – and Rebecca.

“But, sometimes the person you like is a boy?”

Sun blushed, “I guess. I’ve never…you know.”

Rebecca scooted closer, her forehead and the tip of her nose touched Sun’s. “Have you with a girl?”

Sun’s erection was returning with a vengeance, “Yes. Her name was Jessie. She was a senior while I was a sophomore. I used to mow her lawn for her in the summer while her dad was at work. As a reward she’d let me have sex with her in the shed behind her house.”

“Wow,” Rebecca sighed and Sun noticed the breathiness had returned. She squeezed his hand and his hips moved the slightest bit forward, searching for her center like a heat-seeking missile. “Was she your first?”

“Yes.” Sun swallowed thickly. He could feel Rebecca’s warm breath against his lips and knew she could feel his too. He wanted her. He wanted her so incredibly bad.

“Were you in love with her?” Sun smiled when he felt her frown against his forehead.

“No. She was actually kind of mean to me. She threatened to have me beat up if I ever told anyone about us having sex, or being friends, not that we were friends.” They both laughed softly.

“Was Eric the only boy you’ve ever kissed?” Sun gasped softly. It wasn’t the question that caused the reaction, but Rebecca’s leg wrapping around his. Any closer and his cock would brush her inner thighs. “Sun?” Rebecca tried to get his attention back to their conversation.

He blinked, swallowed, and tried to regain control. “I don’t know what answer you’d like to hear.”

“Just the truth Sunshine. I promise there’s no wrong answer except a lie.”

“No. My parents have these friends I’ve known since I was little. They’re always over, smoking each other out and talking about the good-ole-days. Anyway, they have a son named Eros –”

Rebecca laughed through a snort, “Eros? Eros! His parents are mean.” Sun laughed and surreptitiously moved closer.
“I know! Why do you think we got along so well? I wish we’d gone to the same school, but we didn’t. Still, we were close I guess. I mean, it was either be friends or stare at each other while our parents got stoned and our moms took their tops off – gross.”

“Then we got to that age when boners were like a permanent thing and it just made sense that we jerked off together. We used to have contests to see how far we could make our cum go, or how many times we could do it in a day. Sometimes we’d just give each other tips on things that felt good. I got my dick stuck in a Snapple bottle once because of him.” Sun smiled at the memory.

“Anyway, it was just innocent crap. He was my best friend I guess. After that summer with Jessie, she left for college and I didn’t really know what to do with all the urges I had. I also started to notice that it wasn’t really a coincidence that I always had a boner whenever Eros was around. So…one day while we were…doing what we did…I leaned over and kissed him while his eyes were closed.”

Rebecca gasped excitedly, “Oh my god Sunshine. What happened? Did he hit you?” She gripped his hand tightly, already consoling.

Sun smiled, “No. He kissed me back. After that we made out all the time…well, when we were jerking off, and just until we came. Then he’d get up to wash his hands and pretend it never happened…until next time.”

Rebecca grinned wide, “Holy shit Sunshine! That’s like…wow! Was he as pretty as you?”

“Pretty? Ouch! I’m not pretty.”

“Shut up. You know you’re pretty.”

“Girls are pretty.”

“I know, but you’re…androgynous.”

Sun smiled and bravely lifted his leg until his knee pressed against the warm seam of Rebecca’s pants, warm because her pussy was safely nestled inside. “I’m going to take that as the compliment I’m sure you meant it as.”

Rebecca’s lids drifted shut and a soft whimper escaped her lips at the pressure placed against her pussy. “Oh god Sunshine. I think…I think I need you to kiss me right now. Please?”

Sun didn’t bother with a verbal response. He tilted his head the necessary inch required and pressed his lips to hers. He may as well have put a lit match to gasoline. Rebecca’s tongue invaded his mouth, pushing him onto his back. She tasted like Jolly Rancher candy – watermelon. He had no control of the kiss, only the presence of mind not to resist anything Rebecca might do to him. When he felt her rubbing against his knee he helped by lifting it slightly, allowing her to press her clit against him.

She moaned into his mouth and it called to something primal inside of him. His hips flexed upward, pushing his blood-rich cock against her belly. It had been a long time for him, a long time since he’d had anything this close to sex. It felt good. It felt so good to slide against another human being, to press his cock against someone warm and responsive. It felt good to give in to everything he felt inside. Sun whimpered, desperate for more.

Rebecca seemed to know what he needed. She didn’t expect him to be in control of this encounter and for that he was incredibly grateful. He was shy and awkward around people, but he took direction well. That was just his way.
The kiss ended abruptly and Sun marveled at the girl on top of him. Rebecca’s blue eyes were predatory as they surveyed him. Her bright red lipstick was smeared across her lips and a little across her cheek; it reminded him of blood. She’d devoured him.

“Do you want me Sunshine?” Rebecca gently mocked him by grinding her covered pussy against his solid erection.
He swallowed thickly, willing his voice not to crack, “Yes.” He swallowed again as he watched Rebecca smile and pull at the tiny white buttons of her shirt.

“Do you want me to put my nipples in your mouth so you can suck on them?” She undid the last button.
“Please,” Sun begged, he wanted that very much. His hips rocked in little bursts and he forced himself to stop before he embarrassed himself by coming inside his pants, or worse, his princess panties. His hands were fisted on top of his comforter and he willed himself to let go. Slowly, tentatively, his hands came up and brushed Rebecca’s shirt from her shoulders, revealing a black bra with hot pink trim and a delicate, tiny bow in the center. “I’ve wanted you like this for a long time. I’ve been…jealous.”

Rebecca’s head tilted to the side with rueful pity. “It’s okay Sunshine. You can have me now.” She reached back and soon her small, pink-tipped breasts were revealed. Rebecca would be androgynous in her own right if it weren’t for her distinctively feminine sensuality. She leaned over Sun, arching her back to feed the dainty nipple into his eager mouth.
He worked hard to restrain himself from sucking with all the fervor in his soul. Instead he let the hard pebble of her nipple travel across the tip of his tongue, the soft mound of her breast grazing the edges of his parted mouth. They both moaned and again he couldn’t keep from rocking against her.

Rebecca dipped lower and Sun finally closed his mouth over her breast and sucked and sucked harder when he heard Rebecca’s sharp, lustful cry. His shyness fled in the face of all his sexual starvation. He pulled Rebecca to his mouth, until he couldn’t breathe around the tit in his mouth. When he finally came up for air it was only to move toward the other perky and neglected nipple.

“Oh! Fuck. You feel so good, you’re so good,” Rebecca moaned and panted above Sun’s head driving him deeper into a cloud of lust.

This title is available for $1.99 on Amazon (Kindle) or Smashwords (other formats).

You can also enjoy this story and others by Anthony Beal, Mistress Rae, Daisy Dunn, Laura Cooper, K. Rowe, T.S. Addison, and Dani Brown by purchasing Some Like It Bi by L.E.I.A.

This title is available for $6.99 on Amazon (Kindle) or Smashwords (other formats).
$8.99 in Paperback

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