Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Shorts: Manwich

I've been invited by Kriss Morton to participate in Sunday Shorts. For those of you who aren't aware, I write short stories under the name Jennifer Roberts. This week I'll be featuring the first short story I published entitled Manwich.

I love Manwich for many reasons, but perhaps the biggest reason is simply that I was inspired to write this story one very sultry afternoon and didn't stop typing until it was finished. Then I took a very much needed cold shower.

Lilly has a problem expressing her fantasies about being dominated and pleasured by two men to her husband James, but not her best friend Seth. On a vacation to Sin City to visit Seth, Lilly decides to let her best friend show her that bravery has its rewards. SHORT STORY: 5,500 words

Manwich is available on Amazon for $0.99.  

For information on other great Sunday Shorts that won't put a strain on your wallet, please visit Kriss' website Cabin Goddess.

And if you want to let me know what you thought of Manwich, please hit me up:


  1. OH ME oh MY! OK .. this sounds awesome, I think I may go broke today buying some of these great shorts *GRIN* This will feed my naughty side. Thanks for participating! BTW I love the cover!I need to get my tablet hooked up and start doing my artwork again. I used to do this all the time!

  2. Thanks Kriss, and thank you for putting this together!