Authors' Under the Lights - City Walk, Hollywood

Authors' Under the Lights
Universal Studios City Walk
Hollywood, CA
21 March 2015

Don't forget to grab your ticket for the PAJAMA PANEL PARTY featuring authors Aleatha Romig, Cassia Leo, J. Sterling, Jay Crownover, Jessica Park, and Raine Miller.

Getting to know... CJ Roberts

~Growing up in North Hollywood, California my biggest dream was to be a Broadway actor. I was president of the Thespian Society and graduated with honors in theatre. Alas, my talents are not enough for Broadway (by a looooooooooooooooong shot), but I do love to act, sing, and dance. I’ve even done some community theatre.

~I adore playing poker—Texas Hold ‘em, specifically—and I’m pretty damn good. I enter local tournaments whenever possible.

~Sometimes I make up words or use words out of context to see if anyone will call BS on me. My favorite is when I use a word incorrectly and another person uses it in the same way later. It’s sick, I know, but it amuses me to give others a priapism.

~I have pretended not to speak English to avoid conversation—usually with strange men in airports.

~I love the smell of cleaning supplies and will sometimes sit in a freshly cleaned bathroom just because. Yes, I know how weird that is.

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